World Cafe – Future of Woodstock

On Saturday, June 4th the Woodstock Public Library District hosted a World Cafe. Over 65 people Woodstockers came together to discuss the answer to the question, “What is your vision of Woodstock in the next five years if everything goes as well as it should?”

After reviewing all the information we gathered from that event this is what we heard the vision to be:

“We envision a viable, resilient, nimble, sustainable, and diverse community that provides a healthy communications infrastructure, access to public transportation, affordable, multi-generational housing, support for artists and engagement of  youth while maintaining a shared public space to promote (civil) civil discourse.”

The “raw data,” (the written notes from the reporting back portion of the day and the written notes from the table covers), is included below. At the bottom of the page there is space to submit your comments about or additions to this information.

Notes from “Reporting Back” Portion

Meetings for second home folks; Problem of large entity impact – Diversity – Proliferation of small business & entities; Micro-farming, B & Bs not Hotels; Wdstck as innovator in sustainable living, agriculture, local materials for building, etc.; Library as communication hub between & among groups; Library as hub with central entity with spokes to community; Virtual & bricks coordination not control; Arts, Environment, Life Style; Peace Love Music & Country living; Second name for streets after local artists; Computers-employment – work at home; Library with professional level software; Electronic book club for stay at home; Jobs for post high school young people BOCES?; Sense of isolation – more opportunities for gathering; Mentor Youth, training, scholarships; there is economic pressure to leave Woodstock; Education and opportunities for younger children to get to know the town; Woodstock as a “functional family”; Hispanic community in town – how to integrate, be intentional; Viable, resilient, nimble community: economic, environmental, climate change; Start the conversation pronto; Electric-hybrid bikes as normal; Grassroots conversations proliferate;  turn 2nd homeowners into primary homeowners make working from home easier in Woodstock with appropriate infrastructure (telecoms, satellite); Encourage volunteering especially in young people; Chamber of Commerce/Arts – encourage folks to come here –  night life of yesteryear; Do all life in village; Time for a plan; Low-cost housing – intergenerational housing; Library community center place to meet and to bring diverse groups together Information center; Woodstock experience – sense of place, country living; How can we make it a place where we can stay; How can we beautify and make town accessible; Give weekenders infrastructure to move here, make it primary address;  Teenage Town Board; recreate vibrancy;  Woodstock has rich resources – air, water, culture – need to create viable community

Notes from the table covers

Town’s assets: the beauty, the lifestyle, the arts; Responsible growth, sustainable growth; We need to figure out how to get along, respect and communicate with each other. We must be on the same page, make town friendlier and turn our magnets in same direction. Work with Ulster County Development to bring small industries and jobs here; Economic Development Task force is too narrow; We have outgrown the Woodstock Festival; Don’t charge for Library Fair; Solar on Fire Houses; Woodstock Times should not let nasty letters be included; Coop for food; Shuttles for kids; All organizations meet under one roof; Library needs community room; Upgrade community buildings to meet town needs; Connect Family-Library-Youth Center; 60% of residents are part-time residents; How to capitalize on name Woodstock; Affordable housing, support artists, Sustainability, Public shared space; Want town to want to build new buildings for residents; Trail/walking system, walk from Zena to Bearsville along the stream; Expand library-computers, meeting rooms, classes for all ages & interest, bigger physical site for Library to offer more services; How can we foster the kind of community engagement that effects change; We need a stewardship plan for the community, grassroots bottom up vision that will draw young people;; Zoning laws-have a comprehensive plan in place-have an environmental vision; “Night Life” outdoor at night; Town needs larger library; Public transportation; Building on resources; No plastic bags; Shopping bags “I bought this in Woodstock…”; Library is architecturally weak – don’t remodel – need new building

We welcome your comments.

People want a viable, resilient, nimble, sustainable community with a healthy communications infrastructure (internet, cell phones)-access to public transportation-affordable, multi-generational housing-support for artists-youth involvement-jobs-civil, civil discourse-shared public space-diversity.

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