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11.15.17 Library Growth & Bonding Summary & Analysis

11.15.17 Library Growth and Bonding Survey Summary & Analysis Comments

Online Library Growth & Bonding Survey 2017

A Survey to gather opinions on direction to guide the Library Board’s decision. Responses received by November 7th included in Report to Library Board on November 16th. 2017.

Library Growth & Bonding Survey 2017 to be printed or downloaded as PDF.

Survey Frequently Asked Questions

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Master Facilities Plan Report & Presentations

Woodstock Public Library District Master Facilities Plan June 2017 by ADG / Cohn

May 24 Presentation on Library Case Studies to Library Board

Planning Update:

Woodstock Library Votes to Explore New Construction Further

Woodstock, NY, March 18, 2017

The Woodstock Library Board at its March 16th board meeting voted to direct its consultants ADG/Cohn to deliver a final Master Facilities Plan which would include three options for new construction. The board asked for detailed scenarios for new construction of the Library at its current site for a budget of $3.2 million, $4.5 million and $5.8 million.

Dorothea Marcus, Board President, commented: “The board is aware that the community is divided at this time between renovation plus addition vs. new construction. Because we already have fairly detailed plans for the reno/addition option, we wanted to get more information on how we might be able to build new on a lower budget than presented in the 5 options discussed so far.”

She cautioned, “This is not a final decision to build new. But we acknowledge that this would be more cost-efficient for the long term. And there is lots of work ahead of us in terms of researching funding options through grants and special gifts, as well as bonding with the town.”

We plan to expand outreach so the community can help us prioritize which library services and programs to include in a new facility. We are moved by the passion on all sides.”

Director, Jessica Kerr, says, “I have been so glad for everyone involved in our process; we value each and every person who has taken the time to comment, read the copious information we’ve collected, and come to our meetings.

The Friends of the Library stated, “We look forward to supporting the Library Board in this process and continue to fundraise to support the Library.”

Kerr added, “We look forward to including the community every step of the way.”


Visit our YouTube Playlist for a video (https://www related to the Master Facilities Plan Process.


Power Point Presentation from the Community Meeting on 12/10/16. Presentation as a PDF.

Master Facilities Plan 5 Concepts Overview (handout from 12/10/16 meeting)

Bonding Rates for Comparative Analysis

Questions & Answers

Q and A updated 2-4-17

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Feedback Received – updated 05.19.17

The Library has discontinued the use of this email as the Master Facilities Plan process has ended and the final report submited. [] (masterplan null@null woodstock All emails have been archived.

Reports on Library Building

Woodstock Public Library Building Conditions Survey September 30th, 2016 by ADG/Cohn

An Architectural and Historical Overview of the Woodstock Public Library

Report & Information from Facilities Task Force

2007 Woodstock Library Feasibility Study

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