Let’s build a
bigger, better library for our creative community.
Notes to the Community from the
Woodstock Public Library District

Firstly, we believe in libraries!

Heart and soul, the Woodstock library board stands united in the goal of building an up-to-date library facility that will better serve our beloved community.

So… What’s wrong with the building?!

We’ve been trying to come up with a building solution for the past 12 years—we know— that’s a lot of research and development. Of course, during that time the library infrastructure has continued to decline. Here’s a few things we’ve learned from the experts...
  • Inadequate space for library users, staff, collections and programs
  • Not ADA compliant
  • Poor air quality due to antiquated HVAC
  • Second floor has load bearing concerns
  • Unstable environment for library art collection and historic archives
  • Basement flooding

How will we pay for it?

  • Fundraising
  • Grants
  • Bonding

What’s our next move?

Fundraising! We plan to launch our capital fundraising campaign after the budget vote in September. These are just a few things we think you should know about our efforts to bring better library services to Woodstock. We are working hard to bring you more regular, accessible and understandable updates. For full documentation, reports, opinions, etc. go to www.woodstock.org/planning or ask your librarian!

Did you know…

  • The library building is not a historic landmark?
  • The library building is not ADA compliant? Which means the library building entrance, bathrooms, doorways and second floor are not accessible to all library users.
  • Building costs are one of the library budget’s biggest expenses?
  • The Friends of the Library contributes more than $15,000 to our operating budget annually?
  • The 2018 budget is for library operations only? (Remember to VOTE in September!!!)
  • The Woodstock Library board is a special tax district and therefore accountable to NYS and its laws regarding hiring and contracting services?
  • Towns throughout the Hudson Valley are finding the means to build modern library facilities for their communities?
  • The Woodstock Library’s usage per capita is nearly three times higher compared to similar sized communities in the Mid-Hudson Library System?

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Our Mission

The Woodstock Library District encourages free and open access to information, facilitates lifelong learning, celebrates the rich history of Woodstock as the Colony of the Arts, and provides opportunities for creativity and community engagement. The library is a living institution which evolves in response to changing community needs and offers the latest in technical, intellectual, and cultural resources.