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On Tuesday December 2, 2014 at 6:00 o’clock in the evening the Woodstock Library Facilities Task Force (FTF) will hold a meeting at the Woodstock Town Office on Comeau Drive for the purpose of discussing some preliminary conclusions it is considering to recommend to the Library about how to meet its need for more space. Everyone is welcome to come and share their opinions.

The FTF Preliminary Conclusions are printed below and will be available on the Library web site (www.woodstock.org/ftf). Also, see below.

The Facilities Task Force is a group of 12 community representatives appointed by the Library on July 19, 2014 to advise the Library on the best way to meet its need for expanded facilities to provide the services the community is requesting.

Members of the Facilities Task Force

Stuart Auchincloss, Maria DeFranco, Elaine Hammond, Eliza Kunkel, Joe Mangan, Barry Miller, Tim Moore, Martin Nystrom, Amy Raff, Esther Ratner, Sean Ritchey and Jerry Washington.

“The FTF has met nearly every week since July 29 to consider the Library’s needs,” said Library Board President and FTF Co-Chair Stuart Auchincloss. He continued, “In that time we have looked at the question from many angles. I am pleased with the broad support our Library is receiving.”

The heart of the draft recommendation is that the Library update its seven-year-old master plan with a new study that takes the entire campus into account on both sides of Library Lane.

FTF Preliminary Conclusions:

The FTF recommends the Library Board reconsider its current Streamside Annex plan. We propose they create a new campus-wide master plan to expand and improve our Library. This will require extensive public outreach, analyses of our Library’s program and space needs, and a comprehensive site review. An architect’s creative solutions will provide specificity and clarity to modifications to the existing building and the creation of much-needed additional space.

The following conclusions are preliminary and are presented now for public feedback. They will be refined and expanded upon in our final report to the Library Board.

  1. All projects and improvements should conform to a master site plan for the Library campus to be devised by an architect or architectural team with substantial library experience in conjunction with the Library.
  2. The Library needs more space…probably around 6,000 square feet.
  3. Improving the existing Library building and correcting its deficiencies should be a priority of any expansion project.
  4. The Library has a site-constrained campus with limited areas available for expansion. Any additions or new buildings should make the most efficient use of the available land and strive to be both architecturally inspirational and fiscally responsible.
  5. We believe that a large, two story addition to the north side of the existing Library (the current site of the Book Barn) will prove to be the most cost-effective expansion approach. Such a building will provide the Library with most or all of the necessary additional space to meet its immediate and long-term goals.
  6. The Stream Site (6 Library Lane) is a valuable addition to the Library campus and a challenging but buildable site. We recommend that no permanent structure be erected upon it while the expansion referred to above is underway.
  7. The Library Green is a treasured public ‘green space’ that should be preserved.
  8. We recognize the challenges of financing such an ambitious expansion through private donations and public grants alone. A bond issue, subject to the approval of Woodstock voters, will likely be necessary for any project of this magnitude to move forward.
  • Questions or Comments for the Facilities Task Force? Email Amy Raff: amy [at] woodstock dot org
  • Recording of meetings can be found on library’s YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/wdstcklibrary (http://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/user/wdstcklibrary)

Library statistics presented to FTF

2007 Feasibility Study

Notes from 2008 Focus Groups

Local Library Task Force Meeting Notes 2011

Plan of Service 2013-2017

RFP for Annex

Annex Design & Project Description

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2008-2012 Planning Document

FTF Meeting is Tuesday, September, 30, 2014 @ 5:30pm – at the TOWN HALL – Open to the public. The FTF would like to hear from the public at this meeting.

WOODSTOCK LIBRARY FACILITIES TASK FORCE INVITES PUBLIC FOR SPECIAL MEETING TUES. SEPT 30 AT TOWN HALL The Woodstock Library announced today that its Facilities Task Force (FTF) will be holding an interactive public meeting at the Town Hall on Tuesday evening, September 30 at 5:30 PM. As usual the meeting will end by 8:00 o’clock but since the public portion of the meeting will come near the beginning there should be time for everyone to participate who wants to.

The Facilities Task Force was appointed by the Library this summer to develop recommendations to the Library Board of Trustees regarding the best way to meet the Library’s physical facility needs. In order to provide the services the Town has requested through the World Cafe and the Library Task Force the Library needs about 6,000 square feet more than its present building provides. The entire campus on both sides of Library Lane is being considered.

The meeting on September 30 is an opportunity for anyone with ideas to assist the FTF in its mission. The FTF is looking forward to hearing some fresh perspectives on its task.

The FTF, co-chaired by architect Maria DeFranco and Board President Stuart Auchincloss, has been meeting almost weekly since late July. Its members have researched and presented reports on topics such as environmental factors, flood plains, zoning, and technology. Discussion continues on all these subjects and more. In addition to the co-chairs, the FTF has the following ten members: Elaine Hammond, Eliza Kunkel, Joe Mangan, Barry Miller, Tim Moore, Martin Nystrom, Amy Raff, Esther Ratner, Sean Ritchey and Jerry Washington.

All FTF meetings are open to the public and the press. They usually take place upstairs in the Library on Tuesday evenings, and details can be found on the Facilities Task Force link from the Library website (www.woodstock.org). There have been a large number of “observer” attendees at each session, plus the FTF has received numerous emails from the public filled with ideas. Comments may be sent to Library director Amy Raff at: amy [at] woodstock dot org.

The FTF now wants to open up its next session for full, two-way dialogue with the public. It plans to do so periodically in the coming months. Its goal is to have a recommendation to the Library Board by January 2015.

Regular scheduled FTF meeting Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 5:30pm – upstairs at the library.