Friends of the Library

Friends of the Woodstock Library Board

Board Members:


  • Michael Hunt: President
  • Claudia Gahagan: Vice President
  • Sheila Isenberg: Secretary
  • Erin Cadigan: Treasurer

Board Members at Large:

  • Richard Isaacs
  • Eliza Kunkel
  • Leslie Siegel
  • McKenzie Willis
  • Rana Spada

Volunteers from a broad range of backgrounds brought the Woodstock Library into existence. This community pool of spirited workers has been replenished with each generation. After the change to public library status, The Friends Of The Library of Woodstock, New York, Inc. was formally organized in May, 1990, and incorporated four months later. This all-volunteer group sponsors events for raising funds, such as the Library Fair, and the Book Sale, and also supports programs of community interest as the Library Forum.

2017 signed updated Memorandum of Understanding Between the Woodstock Public Library District & The Friends of the Woodstock Library

Wish list for Friends 2017 & 2018

Join Us:

Friends of the Library Annual Meeting, Tuesday, September 19th, 7pm at the Woodstock Library.

Slate of candidates

  • Erin Cadigan
  • Claudia Gahagan
  • Michael Hunt
  • Richard Isaacs
  • Sheila Isenberg
  • Eliza Kunkel
  • Leslie Siegel
  • Rana Spada
  • McKenzie Willis

Join the Friends and help improve the cultural and educational heart of our community! The Friends work together with the Library staff and Library Board to help augment the Library’s resources. We raise money to pay for essential Library programming for children and adults.

Members of the Friends can contribute a few hours every week, volunteer once a month, or be involved in specific events from time to time throughout the year. Join the fun. Join the Friends.

Membership/volunteer opportunities abound. Here are some:

  • Library Fair planning
  • Book Barn sorting and Book Sales
  • Event planners/decorators/cooks
  • Grant writers and fundraisers
  • Gardeners
  • Home delivery of books/home bound reading visits

Friends Membership:

Minimum donation of $10 an individual.

Send Payment to the address below or stop by the Library.

Donations to the Friends of the Woodstock Library

Donate online via PayPal:

Donations may also be brought to the Library or sent to:

The Friends of the Woodstock Library
Woodstock Library
5 Library Lane
Woodstock, New York 12498


Phone: (845) 679-2213

The Friends of the Woodstock Library mourn the passing of Jeremy Wilber, one of the best read Woodstockers of all time. We are thankful for his years of support for the Library and the Friends. Every year, at the Library Fair, fairgoers enjoyed Jeremy’s presence at the front gate, where he stood patiently for hours, greeting visitors and residents alike with his unique smile and warmth.

Jeremy loved the library and often said so. In his own words: “Every time I hear that some change or improvement is coming to the Woodstock Library, my first thought is ‘Don’t touch the horse.’ I am referring to the wooden horse in the children’s section that I first straddled more than sixty years ago … In that room someone long ago imparted to me the gift of getting pleasure from reading. I have found all these years later, when life has diminished or taken away many pleasures, the pleasure from reading has not lessened one iota. Thus, if I were forced to make a tom-thumb mission statement for a library, it would be, ‘Proselytize reading as a pleasure.’” Thank you, Jeremy, and rest well.