Woodstock Library Forum: Bonnie Anderson: The Rabbi’s Atheist Daughter: Ernestine Rose, International Feminist Pioneer, A Reading

March 25, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Woodstock Library
5 Library Ln
Woodstock, NY 12498
Woodstock Library

More famous in the 1850s than either Elisabeth Cady Stanton or Susan B. Anthony, Ernestine Rose has been unfairly forgotten. Born in Poland in 1810, she rebelled against her father’s choice of a husband for her, sued successfully for the return of her dowry, and then left her family, Judaism, and Poland forever. She spent the 1830s in London where she followed the socialist teaching of Robert Owen. She met her husband in his movement, and in 1836 the couple emigrated to New York. They lived in New York until 1869, when they returned to England. Ernestine became a famous feminist, freethinker, and abolitionist in both nations until her death in 1892. The Rabbi’s Atheist Daughter restores her to her rightful place in history. Bonnie Anderson is Professor of History Emeritus at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center. This is her 4th book in Women’s History.

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