Donations for Friends Book Sales

Thank you for your donations towards the Library Book Sale! Your generosity helps underwrite many terrific Library programs. Be a part of Woodstock’s longest running book exchange!

Woodstock Library Book Sales. Happens in the Book Barn. Books and more!

This year, the Friends of the Woodstock Library will hold 15 sales between April and December. Because we receive and process donations throughout the year, each sale features many new items. Be sure to check out our ‘table books’ which we think may be of particular interest. In addition to hardcovers and paperbacks, we have CDs, DVDs, and audio books on CDs for all ages and interests.

We don’t just set out boxes of donated books; we clean them, sort them, and shelve them by category, to make browsing more enjoyable. Our hardcover Fiction and Mystery sections are shelved alphabetically. Our Children’s and Young Adult Books are sorted by age group and genre. Our volunteers are big readers and are happy to make suggestions or try and help you track down a particular title. So come out to the Book Barn; you are sure to find something special!

Book Barn CLOSED to donations

  • July 16-24, 2017

  • November 5, 2017- January 2, 2018

Thank you for your donations to the Friends of the Woodstock Library Book Sales!

We really appreciate your generosity and we respectfully ask that you abide by the following guidelines for all Book, CD, DVD, and Vinyl donations to the Library and the Friends:

  • If your books are filthy, moldy, smelly, damp, damaged, underlined, highlighted, or otherwise marked up, please do not donate them.
  • We cannot accept encyclopedias, textbooks, VHS, Betamax, or cassette tapes.
  • The only magazines we accept are Art and Cooking magazines in good condition.
  • If your CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl records have no cases or covers, or if they were not commercially produced, please do not donate them.
  • We cannot sell and do not want outdated (5+ years old) travel guides or computer/software manuals.

In terms of the physical condition of your donations, here’s our general rule of thumb; if you wouldn’t buy it in its current condition, then please don’t donate it. If you wouldn’t give it to a friend, then please don’t give it to the Friends.

If you’re not sure about an item, by all means bring it in. Just please don’t take advantage of our volunteers by dropping off items that are clearly not salable. If you are thinking of donating boxes of books that have been in storage for some time, please check to see if those boxes are now filled with animal nests or animal droppings. If so, we don’t want them.

  • All donations should be brought into the Library when the Library is open. The Library is open Tuesday through Saturday. It stays open until 8 PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • If none of those times can possibly work for you, or if you have a large volume of donations (5+ boxes), please contact the Library to arrange a date and time to meet a Friends volunteer and drop off your donations.
  • Please do not leave any donations outside any entrance of the Library or the Book Barn when the Library is closed. Ever.
  • There is a bookshelf outside the Book Barn, filled with free books for our Community. You may be tempted to put donations on this bookcase. Please resist that temptation.

Again, thanks for your generosity and your consideration. The Friends are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and we will be happy to give you a tax receipt for your donations.

Profits from the Friends Book Sales underwrite many terrific Library programs. Support Woodstock’s longest running book exchange — keep reading, keep donating, and keep shopping at the Friends Book Sales. Keep helping the Friends help our Library!

Thanks again for your generosity!

Many great programs are funded by the Friends of the Woodstock Library Book Sale proceeds.

Information on books not suitable for sale

As book lovers we try to give books a chance to make their way to a new reader, sometimes we have to say thank you and send them over the rainbow book bridge.

We sort and assess every book we receive. We clean, price and categorize whatever we think we can sell to raise money for the Library. We recycle books that are in poor condition or unsaleable. (These are books that are damaged, moldy, marked, written in, or severely out of date, like books on DOS, or grant writing with a handy floppy disc enclosed.) We maintain a large bookcase with free books for the community outside the Book Barn behind the Library. Those books are available 24/7, 365. We occasionally restock the ‘Little Free Library’ on Woodstock’s Village Green. We send books to Better World Books (https://www NULL.betterworldbooks, an ‘online bookstore with a soul’ that donates books and funds literacy project worldwide. We regularly donate paperback books to a local prison. We donate books to other local charities. We particularly strive to get books into the hands of children! Lastly, the Friends hold an annual Give Away Day, when every book, CD, DVD, and Vinyl record in the Book Barn is available for free.